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Welcome to our silk kimono shop. The two-sided wearable Sari Kimonos have a different print on each side (inside and outside). Upcycled & sustainable fashion. From women to women with love. Do you already have all the gifts at home? View our product range of: Patchino cashmere wraps, Open cashmere cardigan, Sari kimonos, Freshwater pearl necklaces, magnetic brooches, etc. Basket discount 15% use Discount code DSF9CQH5

Due to government measures regarding Due to COVID-19, all our planned fairs and trade shows have been banned during 2020 and 2021 and we have had no direct contact with our customers. We would like to change that. We hereby invite all our customers to come and view our products in Weert while enjoying a cup of coffee, tea or another snack. We are open for you by appointment from 10:00 to 18:00. Please call or e-mail in advance when you want to come.

The latest developments regarding new products and our existing collections can be found on our Blog item.

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