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Patchino wrap demo

Klik op onderstaande video-link voor een demonstratie van het Patchino vest.

The Patchino has a round shape with this two armholes. If you take these fixed on the top of the armhole and let slip your arms through the holes, then you have a vest with a nice collar. Put your collar forward then you have a vest with a scarf.
You can also wear the Patchino under the jacket. When it rains or when it’s cold, you can use it to protect the head.
Patchino Fold in half and place it on your shoulders and it is a short cape. Place it a bit asymmetrically on your shoulders and take the longest side with one hand and look for the armhole with the other hand. Pull the tip of the long side by the armhole. In this way, do you get a very elegant model for your jacket or an evening dress.